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Junkbot Arduino Starter Kit

Junkbot Arduino Starter Kit

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Begin your journey into the world of electronics with the Arduino Starter Kit, perfect for enthusiasts in STEM at home, STEAM sectors in the workplace, and educational institutions. The kit is designed for beginners and offers an exciting introduction to both programming and electronic skills through dynamic, hands-on activities.

Projects you can embark on:
01 BASIC TRAINING: Get acquainted with your new tools
02 STARSHIP CONSOLE: Craft a control panel for your spacecraft
03 PASSION METER: Assess your emotional intensity
04 HUE BLENDER LAMP: Generate any hue with a light-based lamp
05 EMOTION INDICATOR: Signal your emotional state
06 OPTICAL THEREMIN: Wave your hands to produce music
07 PIANO KEYS: Create melodies with this electronic keyboard
08 ILLUMINATED SANDTIMER: An illuminated timer that encourages breaks
09 SPINNING WHEEL: A motorized pinwheel that dazzles
10 ANIMATED ZOETROPE: Construct a device to view cyclic animations
11 ORACLE SPHERE: Explore mystic responses to your queries
12 SECRET CODE LOCK: Unlock a door with a hidden tap code
13 SENSITIVE LAMP: A lamp that changes with your touch
14 ARDUINO CONTROL PANEL: Manipulate your PC with Arduino
15 UNIVERSAL CONTROLLER: Invent a master switch for all your gadgets

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