Innovations in Generative AI with Junkbot & Acacia University Arizona

Course Overview

Dive into the future of artificial intelligence with our cutting-edge course designed to introduce and master Generative AI through interactive hardware and software integration. This collaboration between Junkbot and Acacia University, Arizona, merges theoretical knowledge with practical application, equipping students with the skills to innovate in the AI landscape.

Course Description

This course offers an immersive exploration into Generative AI, emphasizing hands-on learning with the Junkbot Generative AI Micro-controller Kit. Participants will navigate through setting up their AI environment, understanding AI on microcontrollers, integrating sensors and output modules, and culminating their journey by creating their own AI-driven projects. This course is tailored for individuals eager to leap into the next generation of AI capabilities, transforming creative ideas into tangible, intelligent systems.

Course Format

Hybrid Teaching

The course is delivered in a hybrid format, combining the flexibility of online learning with optional in-person sessions for local participants. This comprehensive curriculum spans 10 weeks, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours, totaling 20 hours of expert-led instruction and hands-on project work.

Instructor Information

Certifications or Credentials

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a Certified Generative AI Specialist credential, co-issued by Junkbot and Acacia University. This certification is recognized in the industry and academia, reflecting a comprehensive understanding and practical skills in Generative AI applications. To earn this certification, participants must complete all course modules and a final project, demonstrating their proficiency in generative AI innovation.


The course extends over 10 weeks, designed to fit into the schedules of both students and working professionals.


Classes are scheduled for evenings (6 PM - 8 PM) UAE time on weekdays, ensuring accessibility for participants across different time zones and schedules.