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"Unleash your inner engineer with our SuperBot Kit! Packed with a multiple sensors and components, this versatile kit offers endless possibilities for project creation. The SuperBot adapts to your imagination. Dive into the world of robotics and explore a range of exciting applications. Ignite your creativity and embark on a journey of endless innovation with our SuperBot Kit!"

Superbot includes

  1. Junkbot Core Mini (Microcontroller)
    1. Case: The brains behind Superbot! The Junkbot Core Mini is a powerful microcontroller that forms the heart of your creation.
    2. Learning Outcome: Understand the fundamentals of programming and electronics while mastering the control center of your robot.
  2. Ultrasonic Sensor
    1. Case: Eyes that see without eyes! The ultrasonic sensor allows Superbot to detect objects and obstacles in its path.
    2. Learning Outcome: Learn about distance measurement and object detection, a key skill in autonomous robotics.
  3. Buzzer Module
    1. Case: Add a voice to your creation! The buzzer module lets your Superbot communicate with sound.
    2. Learning Outcome: Explore auditory feedback and programming logic for interactive experiences.
  4. DC Motor
    1. Case: The powerhouse of motion! The DC motor drives Superbot's wheels, giving it the ability to move and explore.
    2. Learning Outcome: Gain hands-on experience in motor control and locomotion systems.
  5. Wheel Set
    1. Case: Where the rubber meets the road! The wheel set provides traction and stability for Superbot's movements.
    2. Learning Outcome: Learn about mechanics, motion dynamics, and the importance of wheel design.
  6. Building Block Kit
    1. Case: Get creative with structure! The building block kit provides a customizable framework for your unique Superbot design.
    2. Learning Outcome: Foster spatial awareness, engineering skills, and creative problem-solving as you build your robot.


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