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Shoe Bot

Shoe Bot

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"Give a second life to old shoes with our ShoeBot DIY Kit! This innovative kit empowers children to repurpose their old footwear into unique, functioning robots. Watch as they learn the principles of robotics, electronics, and creative engineering through hands-on, sustainable projects. With ShoeBot, not only do shoes become robots, but minds also become inventors. Experience the joy of upcycling while fostering skills in STEM and environmental awareness

Shoe bot includes :

  • Junkbot Core Mini (Microcontroller)
    • Case: The heart of your Shoe Bot adventure! The Junkbot Core Mini powers up your creation, giving it life and functionality.
    • Learning Outcome: Dive into microcontroller programming and discover the magic of making your shoe come to life!
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Case: Step into sensor magic! The ultrasonic sensor adds an interactive element, allowing your Shoe Bot to respond to its surroundings.
    • Learning Outcome: Explore how ultrasonic technology can be applied in unique and inventive ways.
  • Buzzer Module
    • Case: Make some noise! The buzzer module can be programmed to create sound effects or alerts, adding a fun and interactive dimension to your Shoe Bot.
    • Learning Outcome: Discover the world of audio feedback and learn how to incorporate it into your projects.
  • RGB LED (Light Emitting Diode)
    • Case: Light up your steps! The RGB LED allows you to add colorful and dynamic lighting effects to your Shoe Bot.
    • Learning Outcome: Explore the creative potential of RGB LEDs and learn how to control colors and patterns.
  • DC Motor
    • Case: Get moving! The DC motor propels your Shoe Bot forward, giving it the ability to walk around in style.
    • Learning Outcome: Dive into the mechanics of motors and understand how they can be harnessed for movement.
  • Wheel
    • Case: Smooth moves! The wheel component ensures that your Shoe Bot can move around effortlessly and with precision.
    • Learning Outcome: Learn about the mechanics of wheels and their role in creating mobile robots.
  • Shoe (Integration Component)
    • Case: Step up your creativity! Your own shoe becomes the canvas for your Shoe Bot, allowing you to design and customize your creation.
    • Learning Outcome: Combine fashion and technology as you transform your shoe into a functional, eye-catching robot!



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