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Edu Kit

Edu Kit

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"Elevate hands-on learning with our EduKit, a comprehensive kit featuring over 8 sensors for endless project possibilities! Designed to ignite curiosity and innovation, EduKit empowers users to explore a wide range of projects, from robotics to environmental monitoring. Trusted by 500+ schools in the region, this kit brings STEM education to life. Unleash the potential of young minds and prepare them for a future driven by technology and creativity with EduKit!"

 Junkbot Edukit Includes:

  • Junkbot Core Mini (Microcontroller)
    • Case: The heart of innovation! The Junkbot Core Mini is a versatile microcontroller that powers your educational projects.
    • Learning Outcome: Dive into the world of electronics and programming while harnessing the potential of your microcontroller.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Case: Eyes that measure distance! The ultrasonic sensor enables your EduKit to sense objects and obstacles in its vicinity.
    • Learning Outcome: Explore principles of distance measurement and object detection for a foundation in robotics.
  • Buzzer Module
    • Case: Add a voice to your projects! The buzzer module allows your EduKit to communicate with sound.
    • Learning Outcome: Engage in auditory feedback and learn programming logic for interactive projects.
  • IR Sensor
    • Case: Unlock hidden communication! The IR sensor enables your EduKit to send and receive signals, expanding its capabilities.
    • Learning Outcome: Delve into the world of infrared technology and its applications in remote control systems.
  • PIR Sensor
    • Case: Detect motion with precision! The PIR sensor provides your EduKit with the ability to sense movement in its environment.
    • Learning Outcome: Master motion sensing technology and explore applications in security and automation.
  • Servo Motor
    • Case: Precision in motion! The servo motor offers controlled movement, allowing your EduKit to perform specific tasks.
    • Learning Outcome: Gain hands-on experience in motor control and learn about angles and degrees of rotation.
  • Touch Sensor
    • Case: Interact with a touch! The touch sensor allows your EduKit to respond to physical contact, enhancing its interactivity.
    • Learning Outcome: Understand capacitive touch technology and explore tactile interfaces.
  • LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)
    • Case: Adapt to changing light conditions! The LDR enables your EduKit to respond to varying levels of light.
    • Learning Outcome: Explore the principles of light sensing and learn how to use sensors in different environments.
    • Case: Illuminate your projects with color! The RGB LED allows your EduKit to display a spectrum of colors.
    • Learning Outcome: Delve into the world of color theory and learn to create captivating visual displays.
  • Castor Wheel
    • Case: Smooth navigation ahead! The castor wheel provides stability and mobility, ensuring your EduKit can move with ease.
    • Learning Outcome: Understand the mechanics of wheels and their role in robotics mobility.
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