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"Transform your ordinary trash can into a smart, touchless wonder with our TrashBot DIY Kit! This ingenious kit empowers you to convert your existing bin into a hands-free marvel. Simply wave your hand, and watch as the lid opens effortlessly. Reduce contact and keep things clean and convenient. Elevate your everyday with our TrashBot DIY Kit, making waste disposal a breeze!"

Trashbot includes:

  • Junkbot Core Mini (Microcontroller)
    • Case: The brain behind the Trashbot magic! The Junkbot Core Mini powers up your creation, making it come to life and function with purpose.
    • Learning Outcome: Dive into microcontroller programming and witness the transformation of trash into treasure!
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Case: Smart sensing at its best! The ultrasonic sensor enables your Trashbot to detect objects and obstacles, adding a level of intelligence to its movements.
    • Learning Outcome: Explore the fascinating world of ultrasonic technology and its applications in robotics.
  • Buzzer Module
    • Case: Sound the alert! The buzzer module can be programmed to produce various sounds and tones, giving your Trashbot a voice of its own.
    • Learning Outcome: Discover the power of audio feedback and learn how to incorporate it into your Trashbot projects.
  • RGB LED (Light Emitting Diode)
    • Case: Illuminate your path! The RGB LED allows you to add vibrant and dynamic lighting effects to your Trashbot, creating a visual spectacle.
    • Learning Outcome: Unleash your creativity with RGB LEDs and master the art of controlling colors and patterns.
  • DC Motor
    • Case: Motion in action! The DC motor provides the necessary propulsion for your Trashbot to move around and carry out its tasks.
    • Learning Outcome: Delve into the mechanics of motors and understand how they drive the movement of robots.
  • Wheel
    • Case: Effortless mobility! The wheel component ensures that your Trashbot can navigate through its environment with ease and precision.
    • Learning Outcome: Learn about the role of wheels in robotics and how they contribute to the mobility of your Trashbot.
  • Trash Can (Integration Component)
    • Case: A sustainable touch! The Trashbot comes equipped with its own trash can, allowing it to collect and manage small items effectively.
    • Learning Outcome: Explore the concept of sustainability and witness how robotics can be harnessed to address everyday challenges.
  • Servo Motor
    • Case: Precision at its finest! The servo motor grants your Trashbot the ability to execute specific movements with accuracy and control.
    • Learning Outcome: Immerse yourself in the world of servo motors and understand how they elevate the functionality of your Trashbot.
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